Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

Faster Payment Solutions Merchant Cash Advances provide the ability for your business to access immediate unsecured capital with very little hassle.   You can borrow between £2,500 up to £200,000 depending on your current card turnover.  There are no fixed terms, set monthly repayments and no security required.  You can access funds and pay back as you get paid.  If you have a quiet period your payments will be less.  Merchant advances are more flexible and faster than traditional loans with so many benefits with this great funding option.


  • Simple application process
  • Borrow £2,500 to £200,000 unsecured
  • No fixed term or monthly repayments
  • No security or business plans required
  • Payback when you sell
  • 90% approval rate

Frequently Asked Question

What can I use the funds for?
You can access the funds very quickly and use for a variety of different reasons, there are no limits how you can use the funds.  It is really is so simple.
How much can I get?
Usually most businesses can access funds between £2,500 to £200,000.  Around 125% of your card turnover.  In most cases you can access funds within 48 hours.  A simple form is all we need to get started.  Contact us amd our team can talk you through it.
What security do I need?
No assets, security or collateral is required.  The only real criteria is that you need to have a card terminal and be using it, advances are tied to how much your card turnover is.  Highly funding option accessible for most businesses.