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Are you a finance lender looking to broaden your product offerings and reach a wider customer base? Join our partner program and leverage our platform to offer a diverse range of financial solutions to small to medium businesses (SMEs).

Portfolio of Services

When you work with us you access a host of different services and products that you can sell into SME operations and business of all sizes.

Why Partner with us?

Customer Reach

Tap into our established network of SMBs actively seeking financial solutions. Expand your customer base and increase your market presence by leveraging our platform and brand recognition.

Mutual Growth Opportunities

As a finance lender partner, you’ll benefit from a mutually beneficial relationship. Collaborate with us to explore cross-promotional activities, joint marketing campaigns, and strategic alliances, driving growth for both parties.

Streamlined Integration

Our dedicated integration team ensures a seamless integration process, making it easy for you to add our products to your existing offerings. We provide the necessary tools, resources, and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Trusted Partnership

Join forces with a trusted and reputable company in the payment solutions industry. We have a proven track record of empowering SMEs with innovative financial technology, and we’re excited to have you as part of our network.

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Join us in delivering comprehensive financial solutions to SMBs. Partner with us to expand your portfolio, reach new customers, and unlock mutual growth opportunities. Contact us today to explore how our Finance Lender Partner Program can benefit your business and empower SMEs with the financial support they need. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the success of small to medium businesses.