VAT Finance

Short term finance that is tailored funding that can be used for your business VAT liabilities.

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VAT Finance or VAT Loan

VAT Funding can be used by Businesses to spread the cost of your quarterly VAT bill, into monthly payments.  The idea behind a VAT loan is to help with cashflow concerns and releasing capital while being able to meet the VAT return deadline.  Short-term unsecured borrowings to cover the cost of VAT.


VAT Returns are required every 3 months.  In some cases the bill can leave businesses without money or struggling to complete other purchases, such as purchasing stock.  VAT finance basically brings the large quarterly bill down into more manageable monthly payments, easing pressure on cashflow.

No, you can use the VAT finance to part-fund if you wish.  This funding option is flexible it is ultimately down to you.  You are not restricted to the full VAT amount.

There are lots of reasons for VAT Finance, such as Managing Cashflow, Focusing on Business growth, Seasonal business, Keeping cash in reserve, Ensuring VAT deadlines are met.  What ever your reason, VAT finance is simple and effective for businesses.