Supporting Small Businesses doesn’t have to cost you!

Small businesses are a vital aspect of communities throughout the UK. These enterprises not only have a positive impact on the local economy, but they also provide essential support to the surrounding communities.

So how can you support small businesses without spending any money?

Follow, Like and Share via social media

This is a simple thing to do and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Follow local businesses, like their posts and share them.  These are simple yet powerful actions that can help a small business.

Tell your friends about them and their products

A business might not be right for you or their products.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t tell a friend they may be interested. A recommendation is invaluable to a small business.

Join their newsletter

Be in the loop of what they are doing, share it with friends and use deals to purchase from your local businesses.

Swap local

Although this is a ‘spend money’ section, it isn’t completely.  Why not swap out some of your ongoing purchases with local businesses instead.  Don’t use online larger corporate retailers where you can visit a local business instead.

Wrapping it up!

Small Businesses have a small marketing budget and often lose out to larger corporate companies.  Helping support local businesses and spreading the word for them it will have an amazing benefit for  the business, their family and the local community.  

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